Youth Exchange

The Youth Exchange Program (YEX)…

  • What YEX does
    • We are going to change a life.
    • We send US kids abroad
    • We receive International students here
  • Target: High School
  • What can you do?
    • Host
      • 3 month commitment
    • Entertain
      • Ball game
      • Movie
      • Dinner
      • Weekend trip
      • Recreation – fishing, hiking
    • Support – meet them at the airport
  • For information Contact Shannon Leskin, Todd Taylor or Janene Tompkins


Youth Exchange Coordinator

Expectations of the Youth Exchange Coordinator in the Rotary Club of Durham.

YEX is an important program to Rotary International. It can be a life changing experience for those who participate.  Our club desires to remain up to date on the YEX program and support the program in any way possible given the constraints of club members.

It is hoped that YEX exchange students will be introduced to the club and informed and encouraged to participate in club sponsored events. Our club is committed to provide at least 4 opportunities per year for any YEX students in the Area.  The YEX Coordinator will assist in making the connections between the YEX students and the club member providing the opportunities.

If the YEX coordinator feels the time is right for our club to sponsor a student, the YEX coordinator may bring the request to the Board and request a budget to support the effort.

The YEX Coordinator for the Rotary Club of Durham is expected to:

  1. Become familiar with the Rotary International’s YEX Program and web resources. Gain enough understanding to answer or know who to ask for answers to any YEX Program related questions brought up by membership.
  2. Participate in the YEX training sessions (via webinar, phone call, etc.) offered by Essex, as time permits.
  3. Liaise with local coordinators to understand what YEX activities are happening in the district.
  4. Bring to the Club any opportunities for the club to support the YEX program, including any budget requests, and assist with connecting the student to the club member providing an opportunity.
  5. Be a member of the Club and Area’s Youth/Education Committee.