The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee generates funds and provides scholarships to Durham Public School students.

Each year our club awards four Rotary Centennial Scholar scholarships to students in the Student U program and a Brown Family Scholarship to one student in the Emily K program.  All students attend Durham Public Schools.  Each recipient receives a first-year scholarship and is eligible for a second-year scholarship based on several factors, including their first year grade-point average.

What the Scholarship Committee does:

  • Manages funds for the scholarships
  • Coordinates with Student U and Emily K
  • Fundraises to support the scholarships


  • Durham Public High School students
  • Participants in the Student U and Emily K programs

What you can do:

  • Support fundraising events.
  • Donate to the Lois R. Cranford Learning Legacy Fund.
  • Go to theater events—support the Brown Family Scholarship and have fun.
  • Support Student U and Emily K
    • Attend graduations and special events
    • Participate in career days

Contact Meg Solera or Marge Nordstrom