Fellowship Event: Nanasteak

40 Rotarians and guests enjoyed a spectacular four-course meal complete with impeccable wine pairings at NanaSteak on 1 Aug. Rotarians Carver Weaver and NanaSteak owner and wine expert Aubrey Zinaich coordinated a fabulous evening.  Attendees were treated to salmon and caviar on housemade potato chips; a summery soup with ricotta ravioli; grilled lamb with crispy eggplant and tomato jam; and an Italian cheesecake with fresh figs and balsamic glaze, in addition to an education on the selected wines. This was purely a social event, a way to connect with fellow Rotarians and spouses in a special way.  The food was amazing, the wine superb and the fellowship and company outstanding.

Scholar Spotlight: Mollie Torello

Mrs. Mollie Torello joined us at our meeting this week. She is a previous Global Grant Scholar who was sponsored by our Rotary Club and the district. She is preparing to travel to the Netherlands to assist with a clean water initiative. We love hearing about the successes of our scholars.

Rotary 2019-2020 Kickoff Presentation

Kicking off the new Rotary year and as a means of getting to know one another better, President Todd asked everyone at each table to tell “Why did you join Rotary” while Sharon Lassiter played “Getting to Know You” on the keyboard.  I suspect the reasons at all tables were the same: desire and opportunities to serve the community; to promote health, literacy, economic development and peace in the world through the work of the Rotary Foundation; to get to know the community better; to enjoy fellowship with fellow Rotarians. None of these reasons would come as a surprise.  When you look around the room you see people who are committed to and engaged in more than one of these.  

 President Todd’s presentation highlighted how we as individuals and as an organization can promote these aspirations.  Specifically, the ingredients for success are: membership, money and engagement. To view President Todd’s presentation, click Rotary 2019-2020 Kickoff Presentation delivered 29 July 2019 [Read more…]

Opportunity to Serve

Just a quick reminder that we still have open slots to collect supplies at Sam’s Club on August 17, for our Durham Public School teachers.  Please go ahead and sign up so that we can make sure we have enough volunteers.


It’s Scholarship Season

We are proud to announce the recipients of our 2019-2020 Rotary Scholarships. Each recipient is eligible to receive a specified amount of money for two years when a minimum GPA is maintained. We wish all three of our recipients the best in their future endeavors and look forward to following their journeys.

Jessica Thompson is a recipient of the  Centennial Scholarship Award and will be attending North Carolina Central University.

Kwesi Aikens is the recipient of our Brown Family Scholarship. He will be attending UNC Charlotte.

Mareya Sanders is the recipient of our inaugural Brantley Deloatche Centennial Scholarship. She will be attending Spelman College.


Elena Mina, representing Student U, shared updates about the past recipients of the Rotary Scholarships. Each recipient has maintained the minimum GPA and will therefore receive scholarship funds once again this year. Adam Eigenrauch, Executive Director for Emily K Center expressed the value and importance of the Brown Family scholarship that is given to one of the graduating seniors at the center each year.

Elena Maina

Adam Eigenrauch

Program Report: Kim Shaw – Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Center

A few years ago, when Kim’s organization was still called the Volunteer Center and she was struggling with changing the name to something that better reflected the scope of what they did it was clear why the change was needed. As she explained to me why it was necessary, I became more amazed.  I had no idea, like many others, that that scope encompassed more than Durham or more than being a clearing house for those looking for opportunities to volunteer and organizations that needed help.  

The problem is that I’m not sure the new name, Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Center, does it justice either.  

Kim was introduced by Rotarian Danielle Kaspar, who serves on board TNLVC.  Kim’s background includes more than 25 years of leadership experience working in organizational development, marketing, communications, fundraising, human resources and finance. She is also an accomplished trainer.  Her experience includes executive management in several area nonprofits including the North Carolina Center for Voter Education, North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, the Interfaith Council for  Social Services and Discover Durham when it was the Durham Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  

And as if her professional life wasn’t devoted enough to service, she has served as Chair of the Durham County ABC Board, the Triangle United Way, The American Red Cross and Junior Leadership Durham. She also serves on our own Rotary Club Board of Directors.  

Kim began her presentation with apologies for leaving her notes at the office. However, that may explain why she came across as so genuine and authentic as a preacher who knows the Bible from cover to cover.   [Read more…]