Program Report:Student Debt in North Carolina: Hardest Hit Communities

Robin Howarth, Senior Researcher, Center for Responsible Lending

Felicia Deloatch introduced our guest speaker

In her introduction of Robin Howarth, Past President Lois Deloatch spoke of her colleague’s background in Finance and Banking on the West Coast after earning Bachelors and Master’s Degrees from Stanford. Robin focused on Finance and Community Development as a visiting Professor at UNC after earning her Ph.D there. Since joining CRL in 2015, Robin has followed Student Lending along with other issues as Senior Researcher. The Center for Responsible Lending, founded by Self-Help, is based in Durham with offices in Washington DC and Oakland CA.

Robin highlighted the dimensions of the Student Loan Crisis with startling statistics. On a Federal level 44 million borrowers owe a total of $1.5 trillion. One-fifth of all US Households hold a portion of that debt. The average debt per student is $37,000. [Read more…]

Presentation: Anita L. Holt – The Forest at Duke

Comedy Central could not have topped Monday’s meeting, but that is another story.  Anita Holt’s presentation on retirement care in this area and nationwide had its own share of one line zingers.  Many of today’s retirees would say “I may be old, but I got to see all the best bands.”   

Rob Everett who introduced Anita said that many club members have requested a program on retirement.  He could think of no one better able to tackle this issue Anita Holt who, for the last four and a half years, has been President and CEO of The Forest at Duke.  With more than twenty-five years in the field of elder care, club member Anita has observed enormous changes and challenges in recent years. 

 One notable national trend has been the changing demographics of retirement communities.  No longer is “The Home” the domain of widows occasionally interrupted excitedly by the arrival of “a new guy.”  Increasingly, couples—something on the order of sixty percent—are moving in, ranging in age from “leading edge Boomers” to the elderly.    [Read more…]

New Members

L to R – Tony Brown, Liz McFarlane, Kim Rehberg

Congratulations and a warm welcome to our three new members of the Durham Rotary Club.

Tony Brown is sponsored by Susan Ross

Liz McFarlane is sponsored by Bill Ingram

Kim Rehberg is sponsored by Indira Everett

Paul Harris Fellows

L to R – Bob Wiley and Erik Benson

Bob Wiley first joined Rotary twenty years ago in Seattle where he also became a Paul Harris Fellow. That particular club is the fourth oldest club in the United States established in 1910. His 90 year old Father is in his 48th year as a member of that club. Luckily for us, Bob joined OUR Durham Club in March of this year and we gladly presented his PHF + 1 on September 23rd. Congratulations to Bob.

Erik Benson joined our club in 2015 and hit the ground running. He has attended all levels of RLI training. He served as Brady’s VP last year. He is on the membership committee and was extremely instrumental in developing the  “New Member Team” concept for on boarding new Rotarians into our club. He volunteers at Centers, participates in numerous projects. Erik and his wife Laura are also busy raising three very active children. He was presented with his well deserved first Paul Harris Fellowship.

Paul Harris Fellows

Ll to R – Brady Surles, Kim Shaw, Ken Cutshaw

Brady Surles is a retired Professor of History in the Virginia Community College System. Since coming to Durham in 2008, he has served as President of several community groups, and as a long time volunteer at the Carolina Theater. His best Rotary experience was serving as Co-Chair of our Club’s Centennial Celebration with the focus on “Acts of Service”. His passion is working with Sister Cities of Durham, having served as President for four years and now currently serving as the Executive Director. Sister Cities links Durham with cities in nine countries, with agreements signed by the respective Mayors. He coordinated the Sister Cities international exchange programs which focus on education, medicine, local government, business, art, music, and the environment. His favorite past time is being the grandpa for his three teenage grandsons who live here in Durham.

Kim Shaw is the Executive Director of The Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center which works with over 1,200 nonprofits and more than 14,000 volunteers. She has more than 25 years of nonprofit leadership and conducttraining and retreats for both nonprofit Boards and staff. Kim has served on many area nonprofit boards, commissions and community project serving on the Triangle United Way as chair of the Durham nonprofit sector as well as Chair of the Durham County ABC Board.  She is serves on our Durham Rotary Club Board and co-chairs the scholarship committee.  

Ken moved to Durham 8 years ago and has been commuting first to Denver and then to New York for his corporate responsibilities unit 2018 when he began working from Durham.   We are glad to have him here in Durham instead of spending more time at RDU airport than Durham.  He remains involved in several enterprises including a restaurant holding group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  government relations work in Washington DC for several clients and on several Boards including United Lex, one of the larger legal service providers.

His first exposure to Rotary was as a college scholarship recipient from the Gatlinburg Tennessee  club.   A decade later the same club sponsored Ken for the young professionals exchange where he spent 6 weeks in Australia representing the Tennessee Rotary clubs.   After considering membership to Rotary for many years, he finally joined our Club this summer and we look forward to his active participation.

New Member: Sonika Rawal

SONIKA RAWAL is an architect, urban designer and researcher with Alliance
Architecture. She has varied experience in urban design, planning, architectural and interior design projects. She is passionate about design research and planning projects that empower local people to create better cities and communities. Sonika received her PHD in Design and
Masters & Bachelors in Architecture from North Carolina State University. She lives in Durham with her husband, Vishal Trehan. Sonika is sponsored by Past-President, Vandana Dake. Welcome Sonika!