RAD – Rotarians Against Drugs Speech Contest

The RAD Speech Contest intends to get High School students to prepare and present a speech on the effects of drugs on their life, their families lives or friends lives and what they have done to combat drugs in the lives of teenagers.

Local clubs screen and select one speech to be presented at a regional contest.

This contest has not been well received and teenage participation is low, despite monetary incentives such as prize money for the top 3 speeches.

What can you do?

  • Pick up the mantle and help make this idea resonate with local schools/kids.
  • Help determine an alternative to the speech contest.
    • Perhaps encourage and artistic outlet such as song writing, story telling, or a painting.
    • Perhaps encourage a You Tube video contest.

The idea is good.  Encouraging kids to improve presentation skills can be powerful later in life.  However, if the contest gets no participants, the efforts are in vain.


Currently, we do not support this effort, but it exists and Rotary International encourages it and if we have someone willing to take on the challenge, the club would support this work.


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