Books on Break – Volunteer Request




Are you IN?




WHEN:  May 4 and May 7-9


NEED:   ~55 volunteers to transport books and set up; assist kids in selecting books; and clean up and transport remaining books. Set up is Friday.

HOW:   Seeking volunteers to sign up for ~2-hour shifts.  Your friends, family and colleagues are more than welcome as volunteers!

WHERE: Y. E. Smith Media Center.

THEME: Reading puts the world in MY hands






Shifts are approximately 2-hour blocks, from 11:15-1:30 and 1:00-3:00. The first shift will work primarily with Pre-K through 1st grades and the second with 2nd-5th grades. Set-up and clean-up are 2-3 hours. If you can’t do the full shift, please note in the comment section when you will be there.


Books on Break

During Early May, the Durham Rotary Club, YE Smith Elementary, and Book Harvest are teaming up to run BOOKS ON BREAK (BoB) at YE Smith, in which all students will choose 10 free books each to take home and keep. Having books at home can combat summer learning loss and help students arrive back at school in the fall ready to learn. Books on Break has become a perfect extension of the Reading Ranger program. The YE Smith leadership is excited and grateful, and Book Harvest is delighted to have us as a partner.

The Ask: We need about 55 volunteers to set up the pop-up bookstore in the media center, assist kids in choosing their books, and clean up and transport remaining books back to the Book Harvest warehouse. Your friends, family, and colleagues are more than welcome as volunteers. This is a great way to introduce non Rangers, and non-Rotarians to some of the work we do. Maybe they will become interested in joining the Ranger effort or becoming a Rotarian!

We are using SignUp Genius to register volunteers. It’s an easy-to-use site. A great feature is that you will get a reminder email a couple of days in advance.

About SignUp Genius: you do not have to create an account to sign up as a volunteer. If you do create an account, SignUp Genius says, “we NEVER sell or pass on your profile information. Plus we make sure that your email is NEVER publicly displayed on the internet where someone unauthorized could grab it.”

If you have questions, please contact Mimi O’Brien ( Thanks for considering this!