Youth/Education Committee

Books on Break Wendy JacobsThe Youth/Education Committee provides a forum for all the activities associated with youth and/or education to come together and communicate events, resources and needs. Rotary International has “Supporting Education” as one of its main focus areas along with Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water, Saving Mothers and Children, and Growing Local Economies. We believe that education is central to these focus areas and we want to ensure our local efforts are efficient and impactful. Rotary and our club supports larger orchestrated initiatives and those are coordinated by our Area 7 Youth Committee. In addition, our Durham Rotary Club is involved in our own initiatives. In total, we currently support 13 efforts with an education theme. As the graphic implies, we are the umbrella covering the buckets of effort. Anyone is welcome to attend the Education Committee meetings and support our education efforts. Where would you fit in? Our Education Committee supports:


Area 7 Youth Committee coordinated Programs such as:

  • Scholarships to local HS students,
  • RYLA – a superb opportunity for youth leadership,
  • Youth Exchange – a life changing opportunity for students to come here or study overseas,
  • Interact – a Rotary club for HS students,
  • Rotaract – a Rotary club for college kids,
  • Helping teachers get supplies through the C2C Fill that Bus campaign and
  • 4 way test essay contest – where middle schoolers write a paper on the 4 way test,
  • RAD Speech contest.

Additionally, our local club supports our own home grown efforts like:

  • Reading Rangers – we support DPS in meeting its literacy goals,
  • EDCI (Adopt a playground, Little Libraries, Summer Lunch),
  • Emily K (Scholarships, career Day, homework assistance),
  • Helping the Durham Literacy Center with adult literacy and
  • Efforts of DPS such as the Literacy Summit.

Opportunities:  Where do I fit in?  Check out these recent opportunities within the Education Committee for Members.

Ideally, the committee is set up with representatives from each effort and the committee is managed by 3 people.

  1. The Chairperson – This individual attends and directs the monthly meetings and reports outcomes to the board.
  2. The Co-Chairperson – This individual sets the agenda and drafts the minutes.  Minutes of the meeting should be posted to the Club website.
  3. The Communication Person – This individual will get feedback and photos of efforts and draft a press release and send it the club communications team and help ensure the Education Committee component of the Club Website is current.

You can get involved in any of these efforts as well as support efforts like Fund Raising and communications (writing for club members, the newspaper, or magazines). Each effort has a “champion” and other members to manage the effort. More information on each effort is located on the Club’s website ( please check out the details and see where you may wish to plug in and participate. If any of these efforts appeal to you, please consider joining in the effort or coming to the Education Committee meetings. We meet on the last Thursday of every month at 5:30 PM in the Lucky Strike building (310 Blackwell St). To make it easier to learn more about each effort, click on the links in the following table or seek out the local contacts:

Support Area 7 Youth Committee Initiatives Support Club Initiatives
RYLA See Chris Hyland Reading Rangers See Todd Taylor
4-Way Test Essay See Todd Taylor EDCI See David Reese
RAD See Todd Taylor Emily K See Kim Shaw
Youth Exchange Help Wanted Durham Literacy Center See Lizzie Ellis-Furlong
Scholarships See Kim Shaw Books on Break See Mimi O’Brien
DPS See Sam Milgarase
 What is Your Idea?  See Todd Taylor Little Free Libraries See Todd Taylor

Click the links below to see copies of the Education Committee Minutes or reports to the Board:

2014 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2015 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Min

Aug Rep

Sep Rep Oct Rep Nov Dec
2016 Jan Feb Mar Apr 2016 May notes in lieu of meeting Jun Jul 2016 Aug Education Committee Minutes Sep Oct Nov Dec
2017 Jan Feb MAR APR MAY Jun Jul AUG Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 Education Committee input for 29 Jan 2018 board meeting Education Committee input for 26 Feb 2018 board meeting MAR Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

For more information Contact: Todd Taylor ( or David Reese ( Or Ask any of the following members about the Education Committee: BC Dash; Chris Hyland; David Reese; Don Stanger; Jay Zenner; Joe Houde; Marge Nordstrom; Meg Solera; Michel Tharp; Mimi O’Brien; Newman Aguiar; Shannon Leskin; Todd Taylor; YOU?