The International Service Committees include the Group Study Exchange program or GSE, the World Community Service Committee, the Million Meals Project Committee, and the Rotary Foundation.

Paul Harris Fellow: Toby Barfield

After a couple of delays, Past President Toby Barfield was presented his pin for becoming a Paul Harris Fellow Plus 2 indicating he has met the Paul Harris threshold of $1,000 three times. In accepting the pin from Rotary Foundation Chair, Dallas Stallings, Toby reaffirmed his commitment to the work, both local and international, the Foundation supports.  He also pointed out that putting aside a little over $83 per month for a year got a member to that $1,000 threshold in a year and challenged the club to become a 100% club with all member Paul Harris fellows.

Mitzi Viola – Paul Harris Plus1

On Monday August 13, Foundation Chair Dallas Stallings presented a Paul Harris Plus 1 award to Mitzi Viola.  The award was accepted by Vice President Meg Solera for her friend Mitzi who could not be present.

As Dallas recounted Mitzi’s response to the award he shared what she had written. “‘I give to the foundation for the same reason I have served local nonprofits for 20 years. We are all equally valuable individuals, without regard to the situations into which we are born.  However, our birthrights are neither equal or fair.  The vast majority of people in the world are born into situations that do not steer them toward successes. Much of the world lacks the basic resource – nutritious food, clean water, adequate shelter. Bill Gates calls this the ovarian lottery – the chance you will do poorly or well based on this game of chance. Although chance is not fair, there are myriad ways each of us can help equalize the distribution of chance each and every day.  The Rotary Foundation in this way is an equalizer.  Through projects that provide basic and necessary resources to groups in need while encouraging partnerships and local involvement, the foundation offers dignity and local participation while improving the quality of life for our brothers and sisters whose birthrights are simply not as lucky our own.  In this way, each of us is honored through our work. A Paul Harris Fellowship is not about recognition of me or any Rotarian. It is a chance to make the world look more like God’s kingdom on earth, and in that way it is sincerely and honor and give. It is not an end in itself but rather the launching point for the question, “That is good. What’s next?”

Paul Harris Fellow Plus 1 – George Deaton

George Deaton with the United Methodist Retirement Home  has been a club member since 2003 and a Paul Harris Fellow since 2006. At the August 6th meeting he was awarded a pin for achieving Paul Harris Fellow Plus 1 status. The presentation was made by Rotary Foundation Chair, Dallas Stallings.

In accepting the award George addressed the meeting: “It is my privilege to support the Rotary Foundation, an organization that works to bring good health and prosperity to all the peoples of the world. I am grateful for out club members who support the Foundation and am hopeful that we can attain 100% member participation in donating to the Foundation. Together we can help conquer poverty and disease.”

Congratulations to George for achieving this significant milestone.

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Paul Harris Fellow – Laura Solie

At our July 30 Rotary meeting, Laura Solie was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow award given to her by her father, Past President Guy Solie.  In making his presentation, Guy noted that his family had early on been a supporter of the Rotary Foudation and that this presentation merely carried on a happy family tradition.  Laura, who has been involved with the Teach for America program, will be entering UNC, Chapel Hill, this month working toward an MBA degree.  Congratulations to Guy for this wonderful way to honor his daughter and to serve the interests of the Rotary Foundation and to Laura for being so honored by her father.

Vandana Dake is Rotarian-of-the-Year

Although word was out at the annual party at Watts Grocery earlier in June, outgoing President Arthur Rogers made it official at the June 25 meeting: Vandana Dake is Rotarian-of-the-year.

Whatever the club initiative or undertaking, “you’ll see Vandana’s fingerprints all over them, ” Rogers said before presenting her with a silver tray engraved with recognition that she is exhibiting “humanitarian” and “visionary” qualities through extensive service as a Rotarian in projects around the world and around the corner. Dake has devoted her energies, time and talent on behalf of the Peace and Ambassadorial scholarship programs, the Youth Exchange, international humanitarian projects in Venezuela and India, the UK Friendship Exchange, the Open World Russian Exchange, and the GSE Team from France. She has also been active planning projects in Guinea-Bissau and Neal Middle School and helping with the Progressive Dinner. On top of these efforts across the year, she became a Paul Harris Fellow +2. “She is just an amazing inspiration,” Rogers said as attendees gave our honoree a well-deserved standing ovation.

Submitted by Mark Lazenby.

Chicago Tickets Still Available

Tickets are still available but going fast for the Club’s evening at the Durham Performing Arts Center for a performance of Chicago with Christie Brinkley. All the details are here on the calendar for Wednesday August 1. Join the party and help raise money for the Durham Rotary Scholarship fund.