Centennial Update: Introducing our Centennial Plans to the World

CentTRoofWe recently sent a press release to the local media outlets and followed it with some pictures prospective new member Tom Bagby shot at the American Tobacco Campus. Vice President Todd Taylor arranged the locations in his offices at Duke Corporate Education AND on top of his offices for a thrilling vista of Downtown Durham.

Pictured above are Brady Surles, Don Stanger, Susan Ross and Andy Esser.


Centennial Kickoff Party!

Centennial Celebration Kick-Off Party Invitationreduced

Program Report: Centennial Kickoff – Don Stanger

WhiteLogoWebFor over a year Past President Don Stanger has led an effort to plan for the hundredth year celebration of the Durham Rotary Club.  Don described this presentation as the transition from planning to execution.

The first order of business was to reveal publicly for the first time the logo for the year long program that was created through a joint effort by talented help from the staffs of President Vandana’s Alliance Architecture and the Convention and Visitors Bureau led by Shelly Green.

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Foundation Matching Gift

PaulHarrisFellowPinOur Durham Rotary Club has been challenged with a $20,000 gift from Rotarian Carolyn Aaronson to have every member of our club make a gift to The Rotary Foundation during our Centennial year.  Our Foundation Committee will challenge each of our members to do just that during this celebration year and we call on each member to be thinking about and planning just how she/he will meet this challenge.  This is a reasonable goal for our membership and we appreciate Carolyn’s challenge to us for this worthy cause.  The

Rotary Foundation is at the heart and core of what Rotary is all about.  Our club has used matching funds from The Foundation for many international projects as well projects here in our district and each of those projects, both here and abroad, have connected our club with Rotarians around the world and that makes Rotary truly International.CarolynAweb

Our Foundation Committee is currently offering to ALL members who ARE NOT Paul Harris Fellows  a 50/50 opportunity to become a Paul Harris Fellow.  This means that any Rotarian in our club who has yet to meet that goal can do so by making a $500 gift to The Rotary Foundation that the club will match with 500 points.  This is likely to apply to many of our new members.  Additionally, for those members, no matter how long you have been a member of the Durham Rotary Club, who have made contributions to The Foundation but have not met the $1000 goal, our club is prepared to match on a 50/50 basis the amount that said members have remaining in their goal toward Paul Harris status.  This challenge will continue through the remainder of the year. Gifts need to be made by the 15th of December in order to have those gifts credited at Rotary International and applied to this tax year.  Please make your checks to The Rotary Foundation.  Checks can be handed to any member of our club’s Foundation Committee.

Let’s commit to meeting the challenge gift from Rotarian Carolyn.  Let’s all make a difference in our world through a gift to The Rotary Foundation this Centennial Year.

Submitted by Dallas Stallings, Foundation Chair