Program: David Michelmann – Duke School

At Duke School, the children in kindergarten are invited to conduct a group investigation into subjects of their own interest. In this particular case, the chosen object of their collective curiosity was ice cream.

David Michelmann, head of school, has some really cute photos that he showed Rotarians at lunch on Monday. He said the ice-cream probe rapidly escalated.

The children first began to explore how to make it. Outside guests visited to make their own in front of the class. The inquiry opened up new questions: Where did ice cream begin? How did it get to the U.S.? How can you sell ice cream?

Michelmann, a George Washington University law school graduate who has helmed the Duke School since 2006, says the project typifies the school’s emphasis on using projects to help students develop critical thinking skills at a young age. Michelmann was introduced by Rotarian Kenneth Chandler (Dr. C) who is also the Development officer at the Duke School. [Read more…]

Books on Break

The SignUp Genius for Books on Break is live. Please sign up for the time slot that you would like to fill. We encourage you to take advantage of this exciting and fulfilling opportunity as we put books into the hands of our local Durham elementary students.


Please be sure to fill out the Durham Public Schools background check form in order to be approved to volunteer at this event. (Allow 2 weeks for processing.)

Setup: Friday, May 3, 2019

Book Selection Days: May 6, 2019 through May 9, 2019

Paul Harris Fellows

L to R: Mr. Dave Ross, Mr. Bob Gutman, Mr. Dallas Stallings, Ms. Roxanne Hall Little

Congratulations to our four Paul Harris Fellows. They have each achieved their next level of giving and we greatly appreciate their generosity and support.

A Day for Funding and Fellowship

Winston Churchill once criticized a pudding, saying “It has no theme.” The same criticism cannot be leveled at Monday’s meeting. The theme was in fact: bucks, dosh, dough, lucre, moolah, Benjamins, in short: money. Money for a range of Rotary charities, ranging from Vocational Services (Geraud Staton), which helps homeless and other unfortunates get, to the Rotary Foundation (Andy Esser), which matches, in ways Andy explained, our member donations. Targets ($60K) and attainment so far ($30K) were announced.

Other groups (out of a total of 16 tables) were Rotary fellowship; fundraising; Alzheimer’s; Rotary International: Youth; Programs; Scholarships: (the Goccolina dinner); Green Team; Membership; Crop walk (Durham Lions challenge): Sergeant-at-Arms table; Books on Break; Polio Plus. The number was bewildering, the enthusiasm great. Check the Table for others…

Alzheimer’s Awareness: Mike Priddy

Books On Break: Jenny Levine

Club Grants: Mimi O’Brien

Communications: Tammie Sellman

Community Service: Emily Page

Fellowship: Elisabeth Wiener

Foundation: Dallas Stallings

Fundraising: TBA

New Member: Emily Bragg

Please welcome new member Emily Bragg sponsored by Elisabeth

Wiener. Emily is a native of Durham and very proud to be a part of The Durham Rotary Cluband all that it stands for. Her father, Dr. Ewald (“Bud”) Busse, was a Member of our Club for years and was local President in 1973. She grew up hearing about Rotary and all the good things it was doing in the community and beyond. Emily attended college at Duke (1978) and went on to receive an MBA from the University of Chicago (1980) after which she moved to New York City where she began her career at Citicorp in Investment Banking. Several years later, she began working in Stamford, Connecticut at Xerox Corporation.

As a reitree, Emily teaches yoga in Durham at Bikram Yoga Durham as well as working part-time as a standardized patient (patient actor) at The Duke School of Medicine. She also has two home-based businesses, selling a nutritional product and home and personal design consulting. Emily is also sponsored by Elisabeth Wiener. Welcome Emily.


New Member: Kenneth (Ken) Cutshaw

Please introduce yourself and welcome new member Ken Cutshaw.

Ken is an accomplished globalist, assuming career leadership assignments in business, academia, law, hospitaity, government, non-government organizations, political campaigns and diplomacy. Ken has held positions as CEO and President and as Law Firm Partner and General Counsel, and as an Academic Dean and Adjunct Professor. He served in the Administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. He was a Co-Founder of a post-Soviet private University in the Country of Georgia where he served as its first Law Dean and remains very involved on its Board. Ken was President of Quiznos and EVP of Church’s Chicken, and is now involved in an Asian restaurant holding company. Ken and his wife, De, live in Hope Valley. They
have three children.