Christmas Parties at The Durham Center for Senior Life

Rotary at Christmas Party for Sr Ctr Little River Comm Ctr - Wendy Jacobs, Toby Barfield, Kiki Stallcup, Michelle YoungRotary Wii Game presented at Christmas Party SrCtr at JFK Towers Ctr

Rotary sponsored Christmas Parties at the three Satellite centers of the Durham Center for Senior Life and the main center on Rigsbee St.   On the left are the seniors at the Satellite Center at Little River Community Center, where Rotary provided the Christmas lunch.  Look carefully and you will see Rotarians Wendy Jacobs, Toby Barfield,
Kiki Stallcup, and Michelle Young.

For the other two Satellite Centers and the main center on Rigsbee St,  Rotary paid for the purchase of a Wii game system for each of those centers.
On the right, Rotarian Brady Surles joins the staff at the Satellite Center at JFK Towers as they look at the Wii game presented by Rotary.

Below  (1) Rotarian Toby Barfield attended the Christmas Party at W D Hill Satellite Center and presented the Wii from Rotary.
(2)  Rotarians Brady Surles, Brenda Howerton, and Margaret Morris presented the Wii to the Rigsbee St. Center participants.
(3) Rotarian Kiki Stallcup, Exec. Director of the Center for Senior Life, organized the parties with the assistance of the satellite centers, pictured here with the director of the JFK Towers center.

Rotary Christmas Party Toby Barfield & Wii.WD HillRotary Christmas SrCtr Wii RigsbeeRotary Kiki Stallcup & Director of SrCtr JFK Center

Can we reach 3,000 Acts of Service?


 Rotary 100 Acts of Service Challenge! 

      Goal of 3,000 Acts of Service?
               We are now at 2,515 Acts of Service!
(Includes Rotary Projects and Individual Acts of Service)
So – We need Your List of “Individual Acts”.
 (Not Rotary Projects, but volunteering you have done in 2015 separate from Rotary!)
48 members have reported their Individual Acts.
Can You join them to reach a Goal of 100 Members?
Reporting Individual Acts:   (Acts, Not Hours)
      Examples:   Volunteering with Non-Profits –Boards and/or Activities;
Special Tutoring; Unique Church activities; Arts and Music Groups, Literacy, etc.
Turn in your list at Rotary on Dec. 14, or to,
OR –Sign Up Genius (Click on the box on the right side of the Web page)    
     Also — Christmas Parties – your help is needed!
Senior Center:   Contact Cathy “Kiki” Stallcup
 Wed, Dec 16,  WD Hill Senior Center,   11 a – 12
 Wed, Dec 16,  JFK Towers Senior Center,  11 a – 12
Thur, Dec 17,  Little River Comm Senior Center,  11 a – 12
 Wed, Dec. 23,  Main Center on Rigsbee St      11:30 a – 2:00
Rescue Mission:  Contact Ernie Mills, Jr
Wed, Dec. 23,  Main St.   Especially  7 am – 9 am and 9 am – 11 am

Ringing Bells for Salvation Army

Rotary-Bell-Ringers-12-12-15webRotarians filled 90 time slots, resulting in 90 Acts of Service!

Many thanks to all who helped with this great service project and to Tom Kerns for organizing it.

In the picture new member Emily Oliver and Past President Susan Ross take their turns ringing the bells.


100 Acts Opportunities


Working in the Urban Ministries’ Kitchen Earlier in the Year

Rotarians:  You can help with these 100 Acts of Service:
1.  Packing Lunch Bags at Urban Ministries – Tues, Dec 1

—  See Patrice Nelson
2.   Planning Groups for Christmas Parties at:
—  Rescue Mission  — See Ernie Mills, Jr.
—  Center for Senior Life   — See Brady Surles
3.   Reading Rangers still needed  — See Todd Taylor
4.   Work on Habitat House  
— See Blake Strayhorn
5.   Plan now to participate with Salvation Army Bell Ringers

“After Hours”: Rotary & Sister Cities, Nov. 5

Blue Note GraphicJoin our Rotary Club & Sister Cities at The Blue Note Grill
709 Washington St., Durham, 27703

An Evening with Leaders from our
Sister City, Kostroma, Russia
Thursday, November 5th
5:30 -6:00  Reception (Sodas & Snacks)
6:00 -6:30    Music & Discussions by the Russians
7:00   Blue Note Presents Nash Street Ramblers 


Mayor’s Award for “Promoting International Understanding”

Rotary Mayor's Awards 10-15-15

Lois Deloatch represented our club at the Sister Cities of Durham Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony on Oct. 15, when our club received the Sister Cities/Mayor’s Award for “Promoting International Understanding” at City Hall.  This is the second year for presenting these awards, which are a collaboration between Sister Cities and the Mayor’s Office.   All Sister Cities partnership have to be signed by the Mayors of the partner cities.

This award is presented annually to individuals and organizations in the Durham area who have developed programs to help the residents of Durham be more aware of the international nature of our Durham community.

The four Rotary clubs in Durham each received the award for their international projects around the world, especially water and sanitation, health and economic projects, in fourteen countries.  These projects link Durham residents with a Rotary Club in that country, which puts our club in touch with fellow Rotarians around the world.

This was especially obvious at the ceremony with the presence of Steward and Christine Atkin who received the award on behalf of the Rotary Club of Durham, England.  Others who received the award were Star Sampson, Principal of Holt Elementary Language Academy, the Durham Children’s Choir, and Tatiana Podletvikova of Kostroma, Russia.

Pictured are (L-R):  City Councilman Don Moffitt, Mayor Bill Bell, Christine Atkin (Rotary of Durham, England), Lois Deloatch (Rotary Club of Durham),  Phil Harbuck (North Durham Rotary Club), Phil Kearney (Southwest Durham Rotary Club), Bill Wicker (Sunrise Rotary Club), Stewart Atkin (Rotary of Durham, England), B. C. Dash of the Rotary Club of Durham who presented the awards on behalf of Mayor Bell.

Submitted by Brady Surles