Paul Harris Fellows 2 -15 -18

It was a big day for Paul Harris Recognitions. Foundation Committee Chair Andy Esser awarded Fellowships to Indira Everett, Steven Day and Arthur Rogers. Past President Arthur took the podium and talk about what the Foundation had meant to him.

Special recognition was also given to Past President Kay Gresham for many years of contributions to the Foundation. Kay took took the microphone.  Kay has been a cheerleader for the Foundation and often introduces it to new members during orientations. 

Phail Wynn Scholarship – Bill Ingram

Past President Bill Ingram who succeeded Phail Wynn as President of Durham Tech, announced a scholarship in Phail Wynn’s name to the club. Information about the scholarship can be found at this link.

More information about Phail and his achievements can be found here.

New Member: Gabriel Treves-Kegan

Gabe was sponsored by Matt Kopac. He is director of  Development and Community Impact at The Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) which empowers its members to enter and thrive in the financial mainstream by providing access to ethical and low-cost financial products and education. Gabe is married and has two children.

New Member: Emily Hill

Please introduce yourself and welcome new member Emily Hill.

Emily was sponsored by Mimi O’Brian. She is the Director of Development for Girl Scouts – North Carolina Central Pines and leads the individual giving and development operations for the council that supports 25,000 girls and 9,000 volunteers across 41 counties in Eastern and Central North Carolina. Emily lives in Old North Durham with her husband Miller, their dag stanley,  cat OX and three chickens Erin, Peepers and Cheep.

New Member: Joseph Tamakloe


Please introduce yourself and welcome new member Joseph Tamakloe.

Joseph was sponsored by Harvey Sellner. He is a business and management consultant with expertise and specialization in business development and enterprise development focusing on strategy, sales and marketing. Joseph is married to Eyra and has two children, Joseph and Jedina

Program Report: North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein

Introduced by Rob Everett, Attorney General Josh Stein revealed that his father and Rob’s father argued opposite sides of a case before the U. S. Supreme Court. He would not tell us who was on which side or who won!

Just under two years into his four year term as Attorney General for the State of North Carolina, Josh Stein has served our state as State Senator, and Senior Deputy Attorney General for the North Carolina Department of Justice. He is well known to many of those attending this week.

Attorney Stein opened by expressing his admiration for Rotary and said that he feels that the world would be a better place if we all adhered to the ideals of The Four Way Test; particularly the one that asks, “Is it fair to all concerned?”

As head of the Department of Justice of the State of North Carolina, numbering eight hundred and fifty people, Josh Stein oversees a challenging array of functions aimed at protecting the people of North Carolina from crime and fraud.

He sees the growing opioid crisis as a top priority and points out that more than four lives are being lost every day to overdose. His offices are engaged in a battle on all fronts to slow and eventually stop these tragic losses. Advocating new approaches, he said, “We cannot arrest our way out of this crisis!” He explained that addicted persons arrested and eventually released are frequently still addicted and have not had access to counseling or care to help them break out of the cycle. He and his Department are working with law enforcement to re-conceive what it means to deal with addicted persons and at the same time are dealing with the pharmaceutical industry and medical care providers to change the way they prescribe opiates. They are engaging in Community Town Halls aimed at educating people about the crisis as part of their approach to promoting Prevention, Treatment and Recovery and Enforcement.

Continuing on through other concerns of people of North Carolina and the A.G’s office, he drew strong responses in some areas as he touched on predatory lending to student borrowers, fraud by some practitioners of behavioral health, offshore drilling on the coast, Medicaid expansion, and protecting the right to vote. While pointing out many problems, Josh Stein’s positive approach to dealing with them was refreshing to hear for this relatively new North Carolina citizen.

Submitted by Doug Butler