New Member: Rich Haney

RICH HANEY has degrees in Biology and Mathematics from North Carolina State and Yale. After working at Princeton University Plasma Physics Lab for seven (7) years, Rich provided services along the East Coast to the pharmaceutical and financial services industries. In recent decades, he ran two (2) consultancies—Cellular Statistics, LLC and Big Data 2 Consulting, LLC. After
retiring, he started up Triangle Tutoring Services, tutoring mathematics and computer science, giving all proceeds to local 501(c) (3) organizations. Rich is a Trustee at Pilgrim United Church of Christ, a Member of the 100 Men In Black, a Chorus providing a ministry at local churches, prisons, and other venues. He competes in local triathlons and long-distance swimming events, and he enjoys participating in family life. Rich is sponsored by Elisabeth Wiener. Welcome, Rich!

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