Paul Harris Fellows: General Ralph Haynes and Matt Kopac

L to R: General Ralph Haynes, Kay Gresham, Matt Kopac


Matt Kopac got his start with Rotary years ago as a cultural Ambassadorial Scholar to El Salvador and has experienced the power of global Rotary fellowship in at least five countries.  He and his wife Sarah came to Durham 10 years ago, he joined our Rotary Club almost immediately thereafter and became a Paul Harris Fellow.
Matt is the Sustainable Business & Innovation Manager for Burts Bees.  He also co-founded the Durham Living Wage Project, chairs the Durham Environmental Affairs Board and still finds time to come to Rotary.
He said by giving to the Rotary Foundation, he knows the money is well spent both by making an impact around the world and when part of that money comes back to our club from the Foundation by way of grants three years later to fund projects locally.
And before I give him his PHF+2, I noticed he’s wearing that nice KOPAC campaign button today, so for those of you who may not know, Matt is also running for a seat on the Durham Board of County Commissioners.  We are so very proud of our fellow Rotarians who step up and are always willing to do more for our community.
General Ralph Haynes retired from the US Army in 2004.  He became a Rotarian in Atlanta some 30 years ago and became a PHF.  He loves to and DOES travel internationally and owes part of that to his career in the army.  But a bigger part of his love for travel comes from the many friendships he has developed  through Rotary.
He just returned from three weeks in Europe where he and his wife, Patricia enjoyed seeing some of those fellow Rotarians who have become best friends.  He says not only is this organization one of enormous worldwide benefit for its participation in many programs such as polio, water, education, but it has been very successful in fostering international relations in the most peaceful way possible.  PHF+3.

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