Paul Harris Fellow: Vince Simonetti

Vince Simonetti (L) receives his award from Wade Gresham (R)

Vince Simonetti has beeen a member of our club since 2003 and the only person to own the classification of a music shop owner.  Vice also owns the largest privately held tuba museum in the world.
He still shows off his musical talent especially when he and Meg hang out at Wal Mart playing and singing, probably raising more money for the Salvation Army than anyone else in our club.
Vince is a dedicated Rotarian joining in many activities of the club as well as leading our Rotary Singers as they present special music at various meeting.  His wife, Ethel who attends meetings often, also frequently sings with the group. He and Ethel can also be seen working together for Rotary at Centerfest.

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