Paul Harris Fellows


Kay Gresham presented the awards.

Emily Hill has been a member of our Rotary Club just over a year, but immediately jumped right in, attending the 2018 Cuisine Crawl, volunteering at the Durham 150 opening event, attending Rotary Leadership Institute and helping at the Sargent at Arms desk.  In July she readily accepted charing the Sargent at Arms Table.  As a fundraising professional, Emily knows the importance of supporting the organizations one is passionate about with your time, talent and treasure.  She looks forward to continuing  her support to the Rotary Foundation, Second Century Fund and participating in projects and every other way possible.  Emily received her first Paul Harris Fellowship award today.

It was such an honor to present Dallas Stallings, one of our loudest and most outspoken cheerleaders for the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus with his Paul Harris + 7 Rotary Pin today.  As requested, Dallas spoke about his passion for the foundation and why he considers it to be one of the best ways to benefit the most people around the world.

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