Rotary 2019-2020 Kickoff Presentation

Kicking off the new Rotary year and as a means of getting to know one another better, President Todd asked everyone at each table to tell “Why did you join Rotary” while Sharon Lassiter played “Getting to Know You” on the keyboard.  I suspect the reasons at all tables were the same: desire and opportunities to serve the community; to promote health, literacy, economic development and peace in the world through the work of the Rotary Foundation; to get to know the community better; to enjoy fellowship with fellow Rotarians. None of these reasons would come as a surprise.  When you look around the room you see people who are committed to and engaged in more than one of these.  

 President Todd’s presentation highlighted how we as individuals and as an organization can promote these aspirations.  Specifically, the ingredients for success are: membership, money and engagement. To view President Todd’s presentation, click Rotary 2019-2020 Kickoff Presentation delivered 29 July 2019

 The goal for membership is not to just increase our numbers but to recruit and retain members who share a commitment to “Service Above Self.”  Specific goals of President Todd are to recruit new members under the age of forty and increasing diversity.  He calculates that nearly thirty percent of the membership is sixty or older—hopefully that just means we are “well-seasoned” Rotarians. 

Many of our projects don’t require money, but some very worthwhile ones do: Alzheimer’s research, scholarships, Kids to a Ballgame, just to name a few.  Keep in mind that fifty percent of our contributions to  Rotary Foundation come back to the District in three years.    Specific club goals include: $2,000 for Alzheimers research; $60,000 for Rotary Foundation; $5,000 for Polio Plus; and $22,222.22 for Second Century Fund. 

As for engagement, President Todd encourages us to actively support club and district activities and projects, join committees, and participate in Durham 150 events. 

Submitted by Allen Cronenberg 


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