Paul Harris Fellows

Sara Hill owner of Hamilton Hill Jewelers joined our Club two years ago.  Even as a business owner, she finds time to be a Reading Ranger often twice a week, which is her biggest focus with our Club.  She reads her Rotarian magazine then forwards it to her 92 year old Father who was a Rotary fellow in 1956.
Rob Cadwallader has been a Rotarian for over 20 years, having previously served as President,  but only came to our club just a couple of years ago.  In this short time, he is a familiar voice leading our club in our opening song, a member of the Fellowship Committee and Membership Committee.  Outside of Rotary, his focus clearly covers education to include chairing or serving on the boards of just to name a few: Durham Academy and Hill Center, NC School of Science and Math, Student U and the Augustine Literacy Project. Pleased to Present PHF Plus 2
Bryan Piccirillo (not pictured) is with Edward Jones and has been a member of our Club for a little over a year. Bryan grew up in a caring home where his Mother practically ran a hospital in their home by taking in gravely ill people to care for.  Bryan now does something “similar” by adopting “not sick” animals, as many as 10, four dogs and six cats.  He is definitely living service above self and we know it all started in the home he was raised in.  NEW. PHF

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