Rotary Children are Featured Mid-Summer Guests

More than a dozen children of members ranging in age from 6 to 16 joined club lunch Monday. 

They conducted a special raffle for donated prizes from local organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Bull City Mini, Burt’s Bees, Discover Durham, Durham Country Library, Hamilton Hill Jewelry and the Washington Duke Inn. Wyatt and Stella Jernigan lead the Pledge of Allegiance during opening formalities. Others took full advantage of Rotary lunchtime fellowship opportunities by mixing it up with parents and club members and learning about teenage leadership from Kim Shaw. The young guests also got to witness recognitions for three student beneficiaries of $2,000 scholarships, awarded to students from Emily K Center and Student U.   

Says new President Todd Taylor, “It’s never too early to build a sense of civic engagement by sharing experiences with our children. Things like this help to show them that a Rotary Club meeting can be fun, interesting, sometimes memorable, and a very comfortable place for them as they grow older and find it’s their turn to lead the community.” 


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