2019 Year End Celebration

A goodly crowd of Rotarians gathered at the Bull Park for the end-of-year late-afternoon meeting. Meatballs (three types), plus hummus and pita bread and a salad provided an ample repast.

There being no talk, the program consisted of a series of presentations: awards and expressions of appreciation. President Brady Searles began with a series of announcements.

First, Elisabeth Wiener was mentioned again as the Rotary Rookie of the year and then plaudits went to exceptional Sergeant at Arms Caleb Baker, who managed that function almost single handedly all year.

And last but not least, there were exceptionally unruly cheers and whoops for much-loved Executive Secretary Sharon Lassiter.

Team of the Year

Next, in lieu of a Rotarian of the Year, President Brady recognized all the committee chairs as the Team of the Year. Roz Grace provided a helping hand in handing out Four Way Test Coaster to those chairpeople. They included:

  • Foundation – Andy Esser
  • Youth – David Reese & Rachel Galanter
  • Fellowship – Sara Stephens, Elisabeth Wiener & Meg Solera
  • Programs – Steed Rollins & Danielle Kaspar
  • Membership – Shannon Leskin
  • Communications –Tammie Sellman & Jay Zenner
  • Music at our Meetings – Sherry DeVries
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – John Cross
  • Scholarships – Kim Shaw & Kim Suarez
  • Club Grants – Mimi OBrien
  • Books-On- Break – Mimi OBrien & Jenny Levine
  • Green Team – Jenny Levine, Emily Egge & Marcy Lowe
  • Interact – Jenny Levine
  • Rotaract – Melissa Mills
  • Durham 150 Events – Carver Weaver
  • No Bull 150 – Hilary French & Barker French
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness/CART – Michael Priddy
  • Community Service – Emily Page
  • International Service – Ann Evans
  • Vocational Service – Geraud Staton
  • Photographers – Tom Bagley & Jay Zenner
  • Invocations – Kim Blair
  • Financial Advisor – Barry Curtis
  • Legal Advisor – Deana Labriola
  • Community Service Award – Dieter Mauch
  • Innovation Fellows – Christopher Gergen
  • Habitat For Humanity Work Day – Roxanne Hall Little

New Officers and Board Members

Finally, President Brady enlisted Past Presidents to help swear in the new officers and board members.

  • President –Todd Taylor
  • Vice-President – Mimi O’Brien
  • Secretary – Shannon Leskin
  • Treasurer – Susan Miller
  • Sergeant-at-Arms TBA
  • Director – Erik Benson
  • Director – Rob Everett
  • Director – Jenny Levine

In spite of a valiant attempt, the program was moving too fast to get good pictures of all the “Team of the Year” but we did get a group photo of the new officers and board members and used a time machine to get a picture of incoming President Todd at the end of next year. It’s still difficult to capture color in ture pictures so we had to settle for black and white.


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