Durham 150 Celebration

Despite the rain, Durham Rotarians showed up to celebrate Durham’s 150thAnniversary on April 13, 2019 at the American Tobacco Campus.  The celebration included speeches by the mayor, poetry reading, music and performances by the local Bouncing Bulldogs.  Attendees were invited to participate in various activities that focused on Durham’s rich history. The celebration focused upon four areas:  History & Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Social and Robust Democracy, and Arts & Leisure.  Rotary is an official sponsor of the Social Equity and Robust Democracy focus Area.

Elizabeth Weiner (R) and Karen Wells (L) representing the Rotary Club of Durham


Of the forty seven volunteers that signed up to assist with the event,  eleven of them were from the Rotary Club of Durham. We are proud to support the Durham 150 Celebrations in this great city that we call home.

Durham 150 Celebrations will continue in the upcoming months. Please consider participating in the planned events.

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