A Day for Funding and Fellowship

Winston Churchill once criticized a pudding, saying “It has no theme.” The same criticism cannot be leveled at Monday’s meeting. The theme was in fact: bucks, dosh, dough, lucre, moolah, Benjamins, in short: money. Money for a range of Rotary charities, ranging from Vocational Services (Geraud Staton), which helps homeless and other unfortunates get, to the Rotary Foundation (Andy Esser), which matches, in ways Andy explained, our member donations. Targets ($60K) and attainment so far ($30K) were announced.

Other groups (out of a total of 16 tables) were Rotary fellowship; fundraising; Alzheimer’s; Rotary International: Youth; Programs; Scholarships: (the Goccolina dinner); Green Team; Membership; Crop walk (Durham Lions challenge): Sergeant-at-Arms table; Books on Break; Polio Plus. The number was bewildering, the enthusiasm great. Check the Table for others…

Alzheimer’s Awareness: Mike Priddy

Books On Break: Jenny Levine

Club Grants: Mimi O’Brien

Communications: Tammie Sellman

Community Service: Emily Page

Fellowship: Elisabeth Wiener

Foundation: Dallas Stallings

Fundraising: TBA

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