New Member: Emily Bragg

Please welcome new member Emily Bragg sponsored by Elisabeth

Wiener. Emily is a native of Durham and very proud to be a part of The Durham Rotary Cluband all that it stands for. Her father, Dr. Ewald (“Bud”) Busse, was a Member of our Club for years and was local President in 1973. She grew up hearing about Rotary and all the good things it was doing in the community and beyond. Emily attended college at Duke (1978) and went on to receive an MBA from the University of Chicago (1980) after which she moved to New York City where she began her career at Citicorp in Investment Banking. Several years later, she began working in Stamford, Connecticut at Xerox Corporation.

As a reitree, Emily teaches yoga in Durham at Bikram Yoga Durham as well as working part-time as a standardized patient (patient actor) at The Duke School of Medicine. She also has two home-based businesses, selling a nutritional product and home and personal design consulting. Emily is also sponsored by Elisabeth Wiener. Welcome Emily.


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