New Member: Katina Rogers

Please welcome and introduce yourselves to new member Katina Rogers who was sponsored by Elisabeth Wiener and inducted by Membership Chair Shannon Leskin.  Here is some background provided by Ms. Rogers.

I had gotten my first taste of Rotary Club in Omaha Nebraska, where I grew up. My father was a master tailor and when a group of high ranking officers from the Strategic Air Command military base brought in a tattered flag one day, he quickly repaired it for free and gave it back to them beaming with pride. I learned from him and my mother that service towards others is a ‘must’. This pride for his new country was great and repairing the flag was considered an honor. He was taken to Rotary Club and honored for his patriotism and love of country.

Because language skills were lacking as a Greek immigrant, I went along with him to help translate and explain.  I was 14.  What impressed me even at this young age about Rotary Club was that this seemed like a very civic-minded group of Omaha’s leaders who were doing good things in the community.

Fast forward to today. My husband (Joseph Gordon Rogers) and I have moved to the Triangle. My husband is a cardiologist and currently CMO of Duke Health Systems. We moved in  2014 with high school-aged children and moved initially to Chapel Hill.  After our youngest graduated from high school, we moved to Durham to be closer to my husband’s work.

It was the best thing we could have done.

Durham has been a fantastic fit – our last 7 years have been full of tremendous friendships that we can now share in establishments and businesses in this city,  We have enjoyed watching the transformative changes come about in the Bull City and are so glad to be part of it.

I was hospital administrator in St Louis for Washington University Medical Center prior to coming here. Since moving to NC, I have started a home renovation company (AXIOS Holdings) and also a handcrafted purse and accessory line.

I  am most excited to get involved in Rotary, roll up my sleeves and, with guidance, be on the road to doing good deeds and giving back to a community that has so completely embraced us. I look forward to my time ahead in Rotary.

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