Christmas Program 2018


Our Christmas tradition for many years has been to have performances from musical groups from the Durham Public School System and this year was no exception. In recent years we have also had the pleasure of being serenaded by a chorus of Rotarians led by Vince Simonetti.

The school programs over the years usually have two separate groups. Sometimes, as happened last year, the performers in both groups are older students whose performances are more polished. This year the string group was The Orchestra Ensembles from Lucas Middle School and Northern High School directed by Ms. Maria Valencia. This was the more polished of the groups but we were also entertained by a chorus of younger students singing Christmas Carols called the Musical Manatees which is the 3rd-5th grade Elementary Chorus from Club Blvd Humanities Elementary School under the direction of Ms.Laura Siegel..  In these younger groups their enthusiasm makes up for any lack of polish. Your photographer was not close enough to get a picture of the one child that is REALLY into it and brings wide smiles.

Both groups deserved the standing ovations they got at the end of their performances.

This year, like several others, had the DPS Superintendent has been in attendance and we were honored to have Rotarian and Superintendent Pascal Mubenga address the group at the end of the performance. Dr. Mubenga, made a plea to visit the schools of the district and see the good work that is going on.  His point is well taken. The scoring systems that rank schools can totally miss that good work of education that is going on. Anyone that is or has been a Reading Ranger can vouch for this.

Also, becoming a tradition is Program Chair Steed Rollins introducing Mary Casey, who is the Director of  K-12 Arts Education in the system and works closely with Steed and Sharon to put on the program. Thank you Dr. Mubenga, Ms. Casey and the Durham Public School students for another great program.



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