Where Does the Money Go – President Elect Todd Taylor

President Elect Todd Taylor declared himself the Forrest Gump of Rotary, which was appropriate at our Veterans Day observance since he was a Navy pilot with heroic tendencies (he flew at the South Pole) and Forrest was a modest fictional hero who served in the Vietnam war. But Todd’s mission this day was not to talk about heroics in war or cold climates but the everyday heroics that the money raised by Rotary funds. Truth be told, it’s confusing, and Todd assumed the persona of Forrest in an effort to simplify…”Life is like a box of chocolates…

You really had to be there to get the full story, but the image below is a clickable link to a pdf document that was created from his PowerPoint for you to peruse. But even if it’s just a strong shadow of the full presentation, it should be enough to convince you that everything is under control and you’ll get something you like out of this box of chocolates.

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