Officer Nominations – Vice President Erik Benson

Club Vice President Erik Benson addressed the Club to solicit nominations for future service in the Club.
Each year we elect 4 officers for one year terms and 3 board members for 3 year terms.
President Nominee. As a Board member, the president nominee is preparing for the role of Club President in the Rotary Year 2021-22, after the terms of  President Brady, Todd Taylor (current president elect) and Emilee Collins (current president nominee).   As Club President, this person provides the annual roadmap for the Club to follow during their Presidential year; interfaces with all Club committee chairs and club officers; runs all weekly Club meetings, coordinates the monthly board meeting agendas; facilitates monthly Board meetings, and potentially represents our club to other parts of Rotary. President is the most demanding of our club’s officer positions, but the Board is there to support members as they prepare for the role, and the Club does provide leadership training and subsidized attendance at the International Rotary Conference as part of preparation for this role.
Vice President. The primary responsibilities of this position are running the weekly club meeting when the President is unavailable; being a voting Board member; attending all monthly Board meetings; providing information to the membership about Club service opportunities, and taking the lead on any Club initiatives that need guidance from the executive committee during their officer year.  Other responsibilities can come from the President, the board, and other club officers during the year as needed.
Secretary. The primary responsibility here is to take the minutes of monthly board meetings and other special or executive meetings of the club, be a voting member on the board, and coordinate any other record-keeping duties with Sharon (who does a lot of this for the Club already!).
Treasurer. This position is best handled by someone with accounting experience, to track the Club’s finances, provide a monthly accounting report to the Board, and be a voting Board member.  Treasurers have typically served for more than one year if re-nominated for continuity’s sake.
Board member. (3 nominees, 3 year term) – As voting members of the Board reviewing the operations, finances, goals, and other opportunities for the Club to be active in Durham, board members help the club and its officers keep the club on track in the Durham community.  With a 3 year term on the Board, they also provide continuity for club activities, additional leadership on key club initiatives, and a voice on the board for other club needs and priorities that need Board consideration.
All club officers and board members attend monthly board meetings and review and approve most important decisions made by the club during the course of a July to June Rotary Year. Membership on the board does not preclude participation or even leadership of a committee of the club or any other activity.

Nomination Form: Rotary officer nomination form multi line w buttons

Submitted by Vice President Erik Benson


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