Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army

Our annual opportunity to spread Christmas Cheer, raise money for another outstanding Durham institution, The Salvation Army, and create or deepen a new Rotary friendship is again upon us.  Ho Ho Ho.

John Cross, banker who advertises all over our meeting venue and Santa’s tallest elf, is running the show again. He persuaded President Brady to set up the Sign-up-Genius. There are ninety slots so you probably won’t deny anyone an opportunity if you grab more than one slot. Link will also be in the sidebar on the right until all the slots are filled.

Tip from another over-sized elf…if you have flexibility in selecting your slot look for the opportunity to join someone you don’t know…there’s a good chance you’ll make a fast friend or a good Rotary connection. Check the picture…our favorite Jewish mother, Meg,  and our favorite tuba player, Vince have been doing it for years. The picture is from 2012 and they’ve been going at it ever since. (It’s a real Tuba in this pic…sometimes he comes with a Sousaphone…he has lots of choices)

Same Walmart Location across 15-501 from Home Depot.

Good cause, friendship opportunity, lots of fun, great people watching, surprising generosity where you’d least expect it.  Red aprons provided…bring your own Santa hat…wear comfortable shoes…layers and gloves if it’s cold ..and a few bucks to add to the kettle yourself.  If it is cold, the cup of coffee that you buy from McDonalds inside Walmart before you leave, will be the best you ever had.

Cure for the Baaaah-hummm-bugs.

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