Rotary Minute: Judge Craig Brown

In what may be the end of the tradition that began during Don Stanger’s presidency, Judge Craig Brown provided what may be the final Rotary Minute. Judge Brown spoke of the history of his family with Rotary and how the Craig Family Scholarship came about. When Judge Brown was inducted in 2014 he gave us an outline of his career that you can read here.

But this minute also gave us the chance to recognize Judge Brown for an award he received recently from the Insightful Visionaries, an organization dedicated to empowering the blind and visually impaired community.

The following is (mostly) from the dinner honoring Judge Brown on June 16th. Congratulations Judge Brown. 

District Court Judge Craig Brown retired in 2008 after working for decades in the Durham judicial system.  He was first a criminal defense attorney, then took the bench as a district court judge. Brown’s career was not without controversy.  He often spoke out against the inequities he saw in the judicial system, and some of his decisions drew criticism.  Throughout his career, Brown battled an auto-immune disease that eventually left him blind.

In 2009 he published Blind Justice.  In this hard hitting book he shares his observations as a participant in many nationally famous trials and tells of his life and his career as a judge in one of North Carolina’s most active judicial districts.

Judge Brown received his B.B in Political Science from the University of Chapel Hill in 1979 and his Juris Doctor Degree from the North Carolina School of Law in 1983.  He received his Masters Degree in Public Policy from Duke University the same year.  Most of Judge Brown’s legal career was spent in Durham, North Carolina.


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