Year End Celebration 2017 – 2018

It wasn’t quite the end of the Rotary Year, but it was a good way to end it, and President Seth will preside for one more meeting. No windy pronouncements, no gimmicky tradeshows, no drawings.  What we got was a few well-deserved thankyous from outgoing President Seth along with indestructible to-go cups with the new club logo designed by Allie Balling and her crew. There was one new member induction, the awarding of the Rotarian of the Year plaque, the passing of the gavel to incoming President Brady Surles and another plaque for President Seth to hang with his hunting trophies in his office.

But it was mostly good fellowship with many guests in attendance, good food provided by our hosts at the DBAP and the best of ballpark beer and wine. The version of this write-up in the Bulletin will have a couple of pictures but our A Team photographer Tom Bagby had his big camera and passed along, count them, 65 pictures.

For the website we’ll whittle it down some. Five come right off the top because Rotarian of the Year Marge Nordstrom refuses to let us use pictures of her. There was one that was especially good where you would swear you could see a tear in her eye.  This photophobia is very unusual for somebody who takes a great picture and she’s been promised many times that no one will talk publicly about her being in the witness protection program. It’s our little secret. So we have a blah little picture of the plaque she was awarded in a separate post.

In many of the pictures of happy Rotarians the star is the room itself. Perhaps one of the most significant events of this Rotary year was the change of venue.  The satisfaction level of the Club for this PNC room on the Club level of the DBAP is off the charts. It’s bright and cheerful and Oh-So-Durham with the Bull Durham mural at one end and a bar at the other. Hat’s off to President Seth for making this happen.

We’ll cut it off here and allow a little room in the Bulletin for pictures but thank you President Seth for the smooth handling of an active year and good luck to incoming President Brady who will try to fill those shoes.

Submitted by Jay Zenner

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