Rotary Minute – Mark Higgins

As President Seth pointed out Mark may be well known as the best dressed rider of a small scooter around town, but he showed in his minute that his interest in art and art history is at least as great as notable as is skill in suit, tie and helmet.  He also invited us to bring him along to share his insights when contemplating a museum visit. Here are Mark’snotes.

  1. My Passion – visual arts. Ironic & surprising for someone who hated museums as a child and has no natural talent.
  2. In the last 20 or so years have visited around 170 museums. Incredible learning journey. Once you start seeing the works of specific artists and being able to recognize works from one museum to another, it sparks curiosity and becomes exciting.
  3. So how can a non-artist develop an interest in art? Start with what appeals to us. For me impressionism. Later, my first trip to Italy opened up the renaissance world and the great baroque period. Initially turned off my abstract art – the kind we look at and exclaim “how can THIS be considered art?” This changes as genres of art come alive upon discovering why certain styles emerged, their historical context and upon discovering a few artists like Giotto & Caravaggio who redirected art toward new & unimagined ways.
  4. Suggestions How to visit a museum: First go online or to the gift shop and buy a dozen or so postcards. Explore elements of art work – composition, color, line, balance, harmony & movement.
  5. Go to a museum and lose yourself in beauty & wonder. Objects of art will become old friends. Art is essential to life itself as the works are nutrients to our souls.

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