Rotarian of the Year – Marge Nordstrom

The highlight of the year end celebration is always the presentation of the Rotarian of the Year Award selected by the outgoing president. Here are the words that President Seth used to introduce this years winner:

Now I get to present our Rotarian of the Year Award. This individual has worked tirelessly on behalf of the club, and her efforts have made our club better this year, and for years to come.

What has been so exceptional about her service to the club, is that she doesn’t just take on a job and do the status quo, or cruise by simply by doing what’s been done in the past, which one could easily do. She asks the hard questions, and when the answers clearly indicate that we’re not where we want to be, she digs in and makes things happen. She leaves no stone unturned.

She has Chaired the membership committee, where she worked hard on so many new initiatives, including:

  • Developed and implemented strategies to engage and involve new members.
  • Re-defined our classification categories.
  • Helped lead our club to a net gain of 14 new members this year.
  • She spearheaded our membership survey
  • She was Promoted to the District Membership Chair.

Outside of her membership work, she:

  • Helped establish and lead the Lois R. Cranford Learning Legacy Fund.
  • I’m sure I’ve missed something here…
  • Lastly, she pushes me, and probably many of us to be better Rotarians, by calling ‘em like she seems ‘em, and speaking her mind, which I appreciate.
  • She survives a copperhead bite, and comes back stronger than ever

It is an honor for me to present this year’s Rotarian of the Year Award, to Marge Nordstrom.

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