Rotary Minute: Bob Yowell

Editors Note: There is no way a Rotary Minute can do justice to a long and honored medical career and 46 years as a Rotarian. Bob’s notes for his minute below cover the facts. But when I think of Bob I remember a woman I knew well whose children were delivered by Bob and spoke his name in reverence. 

I reviewed my previous minute – first 8 years in Durham 1936-45; Raleigh 8-20; back to Durham 20-now that started with Duke Med then UVA intern, marriage and US Navy, Duke residency then 37 years of OB-Gyn practice. Married 56 years Barbara Duke nurse 4 children first died at Duke at 3 1/2 next 3 born at Duke and all graduated from Duke. 11 grandchildren.   Things you may not know about me- 1. Captain Marvel war bond. 2. Cuban missile blockade 1962 – stopped 3 ships and sent 2 back to Russia. 3. Runner for 17 years 1977-94 included Williamsburg half marathon in 1981, MarineCorps Marathon in 1983 with3 other rotarians, and theBoston Marathon 1984. 4. I delivered 4000 babies in Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Salisbury. 5. I have been a student, resident,Asst. Professor, or Emeritus Professor of Duke Med Center for 61 years. 6.Watched the first Polio Plus announcement in Philadelphia in 1988 – goal $150 million but raised $250 1 month before starting my year as President of Durham Rotary. I have been a rotarian 46 years – served as board member, vice-president, president and assistant District Governor. I have been a member of the Paul Harris Society since it started and was selected for the Nick Fagan Award a few years ago.

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