Program Report: Robert Hartsfield – SpokeHub

After an informative Rotary minute from Jay Zenner, who has served as communications direction (a tough job!) for many years and is now passing the torch, Anna Jones introduced an enthusiastic Robert Hartsfield Jr., CEO of a new Durham start-up SpokeHub, to the Rotary audience on Monday.   He is dedicated to Durham and rejected suggestions that he move the company to Silicon Valley. Hartsfield described the history of his new company, their efforts to raise capital and final success in securing support from Google.  The company is expecting high growth in 2018.

SpokeHub is really solidifying its position in the marketplace leveraging a social-enterprise technology that specializes in augmented reality and customer engagement. SpokeHub’s augmented reality tool will offer cutting edge experiences giving real time feedback and data on demand. An example of augmented reality technology is a function that allows you to point your smartphone at an ad for a movie and immediately call up a movie clip. 

Mr. Hartsfield was introduced by Rotarian Anna Jones.


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