District Awards

The Durham Rotary Club garnered several awards at the District Conference in New Bern. The biggest honor went to Past President and Past District Governor Newman Aguiar. As President Seth noted Newman has long been our go to guy on all things Rotary. He might also have noted that Newman is a perpetual competitor for the smile of the year award as illustrated above.

The Club was recognized as the 1st Runner Up for the Best Club in the District among 42 clubs in competition.

The Education Committee’s and Mimi O’Brian’s Books on Break was named the 3rd Most Outstanding  Project without funding.

Our CART donations were also noted as the third highest in the District.

We also received two Difference Maker Awards the first as an individual was Past President and current Asst. District Governor Susan Ross and the was for the Club.

Three Durham Rotarians were recognized for Outstanding Foundation Service, Dallas Stallings, BC Dash and Ann Evans.

See the video on the Club Facebook page with the story behind the contribution that got Ann the tie pictured below.

Special recognition was also given to District Secretary/Conference Planner, Sharon Lassiter, who is, of course, our Club Executive Secretary as well.

Her enthusiasm in the acceptance of this honor was as great as the contribution itself.  All three of these honorees are great spokespeople for the Rotary Foundation. She appears below with Club Foundation Chair Andy Esser, who is challenging Newman for the best Rotary Smile.


  1. Shafi Parekh says:

    Congratulations to the Durham Rotary Club for all the awards and recognitions.

    PDG Newman’s award was District 7710 Rotarian of the Year and I was more than happy to give it to hime because of the reasons that president Seth mentioned.

    Shafi Parekh
    District Governor

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