Mobile DACdb

Frustrated trying to find the phone number or email address of one of your Rotary buddies?

Turns out there is a mobile site that puts the directory at your fingertips on your smart phone. The mobile site is It WILL ask for your user name (usually your email address,) your password and the Club number (6099.) Once you log in for the first time you can save those setting and get into it quickly. That’s one of my cats, Lily helping me try it out. This is NOT an app on the phone so you have to use the browser and remember the URL (

Don’t remember your password? We can’t access it but we can give you a new one.  Use the Contact Form (in the Contact tab at the top of the page) to request a new one. You can request what you would like to use and if it isn’t something profane we will honor your request.

If you travel a lot and like to visit other clubs when you do, there is a Rotary Club Locator app that can reside on your smart phone. Search for it at the app store on your phone. It’s free.


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