New Member: Peter Hausmann

Please introduce and welcome new member Peter Hausmann to the Club. Peter was inducted by Membership Committee member Kay Gresham and was sponsored by Joe Harvard and Sam Miglarese. Below in his own words Peter’s introduction to the Club.

Hello All, my name is Peter Hausmann, I’ve lived in Durham since 2001. I started out here as Presbyterian Pastor. In the middle of a church renovation in 2006, I realized that I missed the world of construction; so I finished the project, and left to go work with CT Wilson Construction, the company that renovated our building. Since then, I redid the first phase of Golden Belt, worked on Duke School, Duke Regional Hospital, and have renovated a good number of churches, currently adding Beth El Synagogue to my list of current projects. In my free time I lift with any one of my three teenage kids, I travel with my husband and family, I volunteer on The Design Committee of Durham Central Park, I care about affordable housing here in the midst of our big spurt, and I occasionally pulpit supply in some area churches. I’m joining Rotary because both my Father and my step-father are Rotarians and have raved about it for years. I figured y’all are a good people with whom I can serve in a variety of different areas in Durham in and across the world. (I’m happy that my Step Father Larry could be here with my mother today for my induction and I’m grateful to fellow Presbyterians Sam and Joe for inviting me to come and see!) Thanks for letting me join in with you and I look forward to getting to know you.

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