New Member: Cheryl Howell

Please welcome and introduce yourself to new member Cheryl Howell. Ms. Howell was sponsored by Rotarian Nancy Gordon.  In her own words…

I am extremely excited about joining The Rotary Club of Durham. This will be my first experience with a rotary club and I thank you all for the opportunity to become a part of your group.

I consider myself a native of North Carolina because even though I was not actually born in this state, I have been here since elementary school. I graduated from high school in Rocky Mount and went to college in Boone at Appalachian State University. I attended law school at UNC Chapel Hill. I practiced law for a few years in Winston-Salem and in Fayetteville before settling in Raleigh about 25 years ago. When I moved to Raleigh, I became a faculty member of the Institute of Government, now the School of Government, at UNC Chapel Hill, and I have been on the faculty there ever since. I love my work with the School of Government because it gives me the opportunity to work with dedicated and inspirational public servants from all over North Carolina.

I have one daughter. She graduated from Appalachian State last spring and moved to DC to work for a nonprofit focusing on food access issues, and to waitress to make the money to pay the rent. After she left home, I moved from Raleigh to Durham to be a bit closer to my office, and I have been in Durham for about a year and a half. I am enjoying learning about Durham and I am especially enjoying adjusting to my 15-minute commute to work after 25 years of an hour each way. In my free time, I like to hike and bike and I have discovered Durham County has many great places to do both. I also love to travel and I have done quite a bit of it in the last few years since my daughter left home.

I want to join Rotary for many reasons, but two in particular. First, I believe it is very important to contribute to the community I live in and I want to find a way to connect with meaningful service opportunities in Durham. This group certainly seems to be extremely active in that regard, so I believe joining is a great way for me to become involved. Second, I want to meet other people who call Durham home so I can begin to form a community here. I still love my friends in Raleigh, but I want to connect with new friends in my new home town. I feel like this club is full of friendly, interesting people who love Durham, so I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

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