Rotary Minute: David Durack

Club member Dr. David Durack used his “Rotary Minute” not to talk about himself but about another soldier in the war on Polio, his cousin Robin Miller, known in Northern Territory of Australia as the Sugerbird Lady, for administering 37,000 doses of the Salk vaccine flying a single engine plane over the vast territory which is the second largest state in the world. She also flew countless Flying Doctor Service flights for emergencies, flew 9 aircraft from the USA to Australia and wrote two books about her experience.

The presentation was made with a PowerPoint that contained numerous photographs of her including the one below taken shorty before her tragically early death from cancer with her cousin, who, if you look closely, looks familiar.

The full Power Point can be downloaded by clicking here:

Implicit in Dr. Durack’s Minute is the suggestion that contributing a few dollars to continue the fight against polio to complete the legacy of folks like Robin Miller is certainly a worthy act by any Rotarian.

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