Rotary Minute: Arthur Rogers – Hosting a Rotary Peace Fellow

Good afternoon Rotarians!

The holiday season became even more special for my family 11 years ago when we met Mayer Ngomesia. That year, I signed on to be host counselor for Mayer, a Rotary Peace Fellow from Cameroon. Though he only lived with us for a week or so before moving into his own apartment, he quickly became part of the family. Mayer made it a point to spend a lot of time at our house the two years he was at Duke getting his master’s degree. And he spent a decade of Christmases with us! Even after leaving Duke and Durham, Mayer would fly home, as he called our house, to be with us for Christmas, often arriving late on Christmas Eve- sort of like Santa Claus!

Last November, my son Henry and I traveled to Zanzibar, Tanzania to see Mayer get married to his wonderful wife Lolem. Now they live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and have other places to go for Christmas. We miss seeing Mayer at Christmas, but love knowing we have dear friends we can visit in far-flung places.

I’ve served at a host counselor for 3 peace fellows and I’m currently assisting Bumni with a 4th. It’s always a great experience and our club is well positioned to be a valuable resource for the fellows. Consider volunteering when you are asked this year and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be selected!

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