Durham’s 2017 Citizens’ Financial Report

I don’t pay much attention to the inserts in the daily paper and they usually go directly to the recycle bin, but one day not too long ago one caught my eye. It was the annual Citizens’ Financial Report for the City of Durham. This annual report is produced by the City’s Finance Department and has won awards for over 30 consecutive years for providing a readable, attractive and accurate summary of a much more detailed report.

This year the report is special for the Rotary Club of Durham. As in most years, it was introduced by Rotarian and City Manager Tom Bonfield and pictures on the same page Rotarians and City Council Members Cora Cole-McFadden and Charlie Reese.  But this year it also includes two essays from Rotarians Willis Whichard and Past President Lois Deloatch both reflecting on what Durham means to them.

Durham’s coolness gets most of the headlines these days but operating quietly in the background is a city government that has long had a reputation for financial stability. It turns out they can also produce a pretty cool report.

Thanks to Tom Bonfield, for providing a pdf version of the report. If you missed it tucked in the paper tucked between Walmart and CVS flyers, click the link and take a look. It is well worth perusing.

– JZ

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