New Member: Rebecca Johnson (Becca)

Welcome new member Becca Johnson who was sponsored by Marge Nordstrom. Becca gave us a little background on herself as President Seth listens intently.

Born in Iowa and hailing from Illinois, I came to Durham eight years ago when I started graduate school at Duke. I have a degree in economics and a master’s in public policy, focused on international development. I work at FHI 360, running business operations for the business unit that conducts clinical trials around the world. I live in Durham with my dog and four chickens; my family is scattered across the United States.

Among my many adventures, I found myself in Thailand during a Tsunami, in Sierra Leone during an Ebola outbreak, and in France as we declared war on Iraq. I also spent a few years in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. In all my adventures—even those with tribulations—I’ve met kind, happy, giving people and I’ve become more committed and determined to be a good, contributing global citizen. I look to this Rotary community as an opportunity to work with well-intentioned people who impact the community in a meaningful way—both locally and globally.


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