Rotarian of the Year – 2016-2017 – Carver Weaver

Most of the time the Rotarian of the Year is awarded to a Rotarian who has had an especially impactful year. But sometimes they reflect a number of years of high level service…a Rotary lifetime achievement award, if you will. Certainly that is the case with Carver Weaver.

The number of fundraisers she has organized is legend, from selling posters to complex coordination with DPAC, the Club, and EDCI to raise scholarship money and give kids a taste of Durham they may never have experienced before.  She has handled them all with little fanfare and great success.

Through her community connections, she has brought us and introduced talented speakers. She even used her writing skills to take a regular turn in the program write-up rotation for several years. Until her recent retirement, all this while working at demanding jobs with the Chamber and Durham Tech.

Carver Weaver truly exemplifies Service Above Self and is a great representative of the Club and the Durham Community.


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