Rotary Minute: John Cross

In his own words, this is the Rotary Minute of John Cross

Good Afternoon!  For those who do not know me, my name is John Cross and for those that do know me, you know this is going to kill me that I’m going to likely go over 1 minute.

I currently work at PNC Bank here in Durham on their commercial banking team, and have worked there for the past 13 years now, as it was and is my first job since graduating from college.  Outside of work, I have 2 daughters, 1 and a half and 3 and a half, so my free time is usually spent singing the Frozen soundtrack or chasing a blur of pink and purple around our neighborhood, as my wife and I live in Apex.

When I was on the Club’s website and saw the link to sign up to give the invocation / rotary minute, I thought “nah, I just did one, let somebody else get up here and practice their public speaking.”  Then I saw it again, and again, and well….. that was 3 years ago when I joined the club, time flies.

I spent my first minute talking about why I joined Rotary, and I’ll use this as more of a follow up to explain what I am doing with Rotary and what it means to my everyday life.  Unlike many others here, I am a first generation Rotarian in my family.  We did some research, and I cannot find any evidence of my family members being involved in rotary, be it parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.  There were other service clubs they participated in, but think it’s neat to carve out a new path at times and exited to start this chapter.

Between work and the kids, I’ll typically find myself trying to wrap my hands around a different tornado each day.  These lead to varying degrees of stress and challenges over the course of a week, and certainly something different each time.

In my 3+ years as a member, I’ve come to realize that these Monday meetings are almost my reset to baseline.  When I step back and think of things that may be “problems” in my day, you come to realize how miniscule they are compared to other global challenges.

Whether it’s international issues such as Polio and clean water projects, or local efforts such as our 100+ acts of service last year which gave too many to list, our time here is special.  Rotary brings us all together and allows us to share our gifts, be it time, knowledge, or loose change and serve to solve problems and serve for others.

That is why I’m proud to start this tradition for my family, and to share with friends and family the good we do here locally in this club, but also as a much larger organization.

Thank you, and I appreciate you giving me some of your time today.

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