Rotary Minute: Steed Rollins 2

Steed used this Rotary minute to outline his family connections to the area…Dad, Mom and inlaws, which go very deep. In 2014 he did another Rotary Minute with more of his own personal history which is here.

My Historical Family Ties to the Region

Rollins Family

  • 1865 Edward Tyler Rollins born. (grandfather)
  • 1894 Rollins founds Durham Herald Co. which is now The Herald-Sun
  • Acquires The Durham Sun during the depression
  • Edward T. Rollins dies 1931
  • 1916 Steed Rollins, Sr. born
  • 1938 he joins Durham Rotary
  • December ’41 he is the first Rotarian to enlist in Army and sent to New Guinea
  • Dad died in 1985
  • Pelham Wilder invited me to join Rotary in 1986

Riggsbee Family

  • Joseph Albert Riggsbee born 1883? Chatham Co.
  • His father, Atlas, was postman between Pittsboro & Chapel Hill
  • Descendants from the McCauley family (Mathew & William) that donated farm land in 1789 in “Newhope Chappel Hill” to establish a home for the University of North Carolina.

Few Family

  • 1763 James Few moves to Orange Co. and purchases land at what is now the end of Cole Mill Rd. and what is now known as Few’s Ford.
  • He was a Regulator and was hanged for refusal to take an oath of Allegiance to the Crown.
  • 1867 his great grandson, William Preston Few, was born in Greer, SC (This Louise’s grandfather) Note that both of us have a grandfather born during the Civil War.
  • 130 years after James Few was hanged, William Preston Few returned to Durham as a professor at Trinity College.
  • William Preston Few became President of Trinity College and persuades James B. Duke to endow the little college and to transform it into a great university.
  • He became the first president of Duke University
  • Dr. Few was an early member of the Durham Rotary Club, possibly as an Honorary Member. He died in 1940.
  • His forth son, Randolph R. Few, was born on Duke’s East Campus in 1920 and was my father-in-law. I recall him vividly remembering walking the woods with his father and Mr. Duke to select the site for the Duke Chapel.
  • Dr. Few died in 1941.

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