Rotary Minute – Carolyn Aaronson

Carolyn Aaronson used her Rotary Minute to give a moving account a childhood that was beyond difficult. But the saddest part of the minute for many was her announcement that she had requested a leave of absence. Carolyn shared how she was deeply disturbed by the direction that the country had turned with the recent election and needed time to deal with that.

Since she became a member, Carolyn has been generous with her time, her money and her artistic ability. On this particular Monday, she was selling the beautiful hand-made valentines she creates. They were there for sale the following Monday as well, with all proceeds going to the club.

Carolyn will be missed even by those who didn’t share her political beliefs and more by those, like me, who do, but most of all by those who consider her a friend.

Carolyn, please join us again very soon in support Rotary’s goals of literacy, health, inclusiveness, world peace and friendship.

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