Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Dec. 13 – 17

rotary-bell-ringers-2015-emily-oliver-susan-ross-webNot all us Rotarians are this attractive and the weather isn’t always this nice but for you who haven’t tried it before, Ringing the Bells is worth the time on many levels even on a cold blustery day.

A newer member of the Club, Captain Robert Viera of the Salvation Army, with present to us on Monday and give us an overview of what happens when those red buckets are emptied and the money collected is put to use.  That’s why we’re doing it but it has a couple of other payoffs.

The big thing is that it really puts you in the Christmas spirit. Almost everyone that has done this has been struck with the generous spirit of many of those that give and who even when they don’t look terribly prosperous. It’s strange but we would not collect as much if we set-up outside Nordstroms rather than Walmart. Most poignant is seeing young parents handing coins to their 4 or 5 year old kids teaching them the spirit of giving.

The other thing veterans bell ringers will often recommend is to sign up with someone you don’t know very well. You’ll have plenty of time to become friends. And because you are both Rotarians, you’re getting to know someone worth knowing.

The link to the sign up genius is below. For the next couple of weeks or until we’ve filled all the slots, a smaller version of the picture above of Emily and Susan will be in the sidebar like it is now with the link as well.

(BTW, you can leave a few dollars yourself and you’ll feel even better. Don’t have the time? Committee members Mal White, Patrice Nelson and John Cross will take a check or cash.) 

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