Rotary Minute: Jodee Nimerichter

JodieMinuteJodee Nimerrichter is the Director of the American Dance Festival, one of the first major festivals with roots in Durham and still one of the greatest. Every summer ADF makes us the center of the dance world. Jodee joined our club in 2010. She used her Rotary Minute to explain how her connection to another Rotarian resulted in something wonderful for the Dance Festival. In her words:

Rotary has been extremely meaningful to me because of the wonderful relationships I’ve made with some of the extraordinary individuals in this room. One that stands out is my acquaintance with Arthur Rogers that began over what I thought was going to be a simple lunch to get to know that super nice guy that was about to become the Rotary President.

Turns out that over that lunch, he told me he was developing a building at 721 Broad Street.  He cescribed it…two stories, glass walls, ceilings that reached 1 feet, no support columns in the space… All I could think was this would make incredible dance studios for the American Dance Festival. He said the top floor wasn’t yet spoken for  and little did he think that I would ask him if he would condo  the building so I could do a capital campaign to secure the festival’s first permanent year-round facility. Four months later, we signed a contract. Now, thousands of local dancers of all ages have the opportunity to take classes and rehearse in our beautiful home…the first time in ADF’s history.

Thank you Rotary for the introduction to amazing people who go above and beyond to make great things happen fur this community and the world.

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