Foundation News: Paul Harris Fellows and a Bequest

rotary 8 10 15 007RossMarkswebFoundation Chair Dallas Stallings awarded at Paul Harris Plus 3 pin to Dave Ross and a Paul Harris Plus 4 pin to Nancy Marks. Congratulations to Dave and Nancy.

Bob Yowell also announced the receipt of a bequest to the Foundation from the estate of Dr. Edward S. Williams who was president of the club in 1992-1993 who died last November at the age of 85.

rotary 8 10 15 006YowelweblBob also read a letter from Past District Governor Charlie Hatch thanking Bob, Slade Crumpton and Bob’s team for playing in the golf tournament in June and helping raise $19,000 for the Boys and Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw. This is an annual event for Rotarians and Bob extended the invitation for others to join and play.

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