Our First Little Library

LittleLibraryWebIf you’re driving east on East Main St. towards Y.E. Smith where most of the club’s tutoring activity takes place you may notice on the left what looks like an oversized bird house in the middle of one of the blocks. Turns out it’s something called a Little Library.  Little Libraries are part of a larger strategy of encouraging youngsters and the adults that keep them to read more by making books available.

At Monday’s meeting we got the first look at a brand new Little Library being turned over to Rotarian David Reese of the East Durham Children’s Initiative by John Malitoris, the Executive Director of Duke Corporate Education.

It turns out that Duke CE seeks out opportunities to “Engage Durham” and as part of the effort, designed, obtained the materials, and built the little library in one afternoon. According to Todd Taylor, “given that the Little Libraries encourage literacy, it is in the sweet spot for Duke CE.” Todd should know. If you hadn’t ever encountered Todd in his busy office in the Duke CE headquarters in the American Tobacco Campus you would think he was what the United Way used to call a “loaned executive” to Durham Rotary for Education Projects and especially the Reading Rangers.  According to Todd, John was happy to be there Monday to lend credence and demonstrate that Duke CE genuinely cares about the community and puts effort into making it a better place.

He hardly needed to since their support has been deep and genuine. John mentioned that he has two daughters in school and fully supports the idea of Little Libraries. Duke CE will be collecting books to help the project. Also in attendance from Duke CE were Charlie Monroe, who led the build team and Khuwailah Beyah, who helped with design. In total Duke CE had 15 people involved in the project. May this be the first of many.

Durham Rotary thanks and salutes Duke Corporate Education for all that they do for Durham.

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